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Woodlands of Clemson
Offering exclusive historic rental cottages and condominiums within miles of Clemson
Average Visitor Rating: 3.00 (out of 5)
Number of ratings: 2 Votes
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Apartments and Housing
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833 Old Greenville Highway
Clemson, SC 29631

Average Registered User Rating: 1.00 1.00 (out of 5)
Number of review: 3 Reviews

Review by L M (date: 10-May-2010)
Subject: Worst place to live in Clemson!
Comment: I have lived at the Woodlands for two years and I am looking forward to June 19th! My MOVE OUT DATE! I thought living off campus would be a plus but it has been nothing but a nightmare living at the Woodlands. When I first moved in my apartment had not even been cleaned thoroughly. My parents hired someone to clean what the Woodlands had neglected - there was still food drippings in the oven, the light switches were grimey and the carpet was disgusting. The model apartment looks nothing like the actual dirty apartments. We had to hire someone to clean up the mess from previous tenants that the Woodlands failed to do. The management is twisted - they never do anything to help out their tenants. Once I heard someone come into the management office and told them that the apartment above them was leaking. They told him "Maintenance is overwhelmed at the moment but they would look it at as soon as possible." He had water pouring down his walls! I caught up with him later and he had called plumbing on his own. All of the girls that work in the office are locals who didn't go to college and don't understand how to do anything. They have told me more than once that they will come out and fix issues but they never do. The maintenance requests are an endless cycle. They do not appreciate the people who live here and treat all of the students as children. They are quick to take your money from rent, fines, etc. but never give you a receipt of payment. You have to ask for a receipt or else they will claim you didn't pay. A new management group tookover but changes have not been made. If the new management was actually trying to make things over...shouldn't they have fired the old management personnel who was making all the extremely bad mistakes to begin with' They recently sent out an email to us asking us not to park near the clubhouse because the tenants who live near the clubhouse did not have anywhere to park. However, the management thinks they are not part of the problem! They park right in front of the tenants buildings next to the pool and clubhouse! I see it everyday! When the trash compactor is full you have to take your trash elsewhere because you will be fined $25 per bag (even though the dumpster is full) for leaving your trash at the compactor. What a nuisance! Becuase the Woodlands is situated in the ghetto there are always strangers at the pool and basketball courts. The computer lab is not functional - go ahead - try it out when you come visit. They have 5 computers all of which are from the 90's and are useless. The gate stays open for such a long period of time that 6 or 8 cars can get in behind you. There are very few chairs at the pool in relation to the number of bedrooms at the woodlands (which is 460 bedrooms). There is one parking spot per bedroom which equals = zero parking for guests. The clubhouse is rented out to non-tenants (ie. sorority and fraternity parties) so don't expect to use it on weekend nights. If you want to have a pet there is non-refundable $240 charge $20 a month for every pet. My case is not an isolated incident. TALK TO SOMEONE OR EVEN MULTIPLE PEOPLE WHO LIVE AT THE WOODLANDS BEFORE YOU SIGN A LEASE TO GET REAL INFORMATION FROM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE! There are much nicer places to live where the management will just leave you alone and only come around when you need them. Think twice because you are locked in for the enitre term of your lease no matter what. Feel free to email me at for more information or specific questions. I have a list of all fines and rules as outlined on the lease.

Review by B L (date: 06-May-2010)
Subject: Stay away from Woodlands of Clemson
Comment: I cannot wait to move out! The maintenance at this place is rediculous. Good luck getting them to fix your problems. None of the computers in the computer lab work and the printer is always out of order. It has been like this for 2 years and I don't see any changes being made. There is ONE treadmill for a complex of 460 people. The gate is in operation now but it is a hassle rather than helpful. The design is awful. It is not secure - you open the gate for yourself and it stays open long enough for 6 cars to get in behind you. If the management actually cared about safety and closed the gate for safety you would think they can realize that the gate does not perform a safety function. It is merely for looks and is a pain to use. Maintenance is not on-site any longer - they out source all of the repairs and even the air filter changes are done "by the job" through random hired help. I hate the idea that complete strangers who do not work on the property are entering my apartment every single month to change the air filter. Read more:

Review by C.H. (date: 16-Sep-2008)
Subject: Not the best place to live
Comment: The Woodlands seems very nice, and some aspect are such as the pool, workout room, pool tables, sand volleyball court, etc. However, as soon as I signed my lease I have had problems with the Woodlands. First of all, after I signed my lease they started treating me like crap. My uncle (cosigner) had to send paperwork 3 or 4 times before they finally got it. And they never even let me know that they were having problems getting it, I had to call and find out if it was there yet, and then ask them to send it again and again. My roommates had similar problems. They would get annoyed with me when I didn't remember my unit #, even though I had only heard it once, and hadn't moved in yet. Once I arrived at my apartment, we walked in to find the place DISGUSTING! Apparently, they hadn't had time to clean it, and so they didn't even mention it until we confronted them appalled. There was a condom wrapper sitting on my bed!! The toilets, floor, cabinets, stove, dishwasher, pantry, and furniture were dirty. There was stuff left there from the previous renters that we definitely did not want in our apartment. They told us that the cleaning crew would immediately be at our apartment to clean, and then the carpet would get cleaned that afternoon. Well, the cleaning crew came hours later, and the carpet crew did not show up until the next day. I don't know any apartment complex that would let people move into a disgusting apartment. And then when the cleaning crew did get there, they did not do a good job. Nothing was dusted, the fans were especially disgusting, there was still spilled food in the pantry, etc. So after all that, the repairman did come and do the repairs on our list, and did really well so that was nice. Unfortunately, the headboard that came with the furniture package does not fit correctly with the bed frame. This means every time someone moves slightly the headboard bangs the wall. This is NOT a good thing, and so we have to put pillows behind our headboard every night which gets annoying. Other than the bed, the rest of the furniture is really nice. Also, recently I put in a maintenance request, and the office staff guaranteed that it would be done within two days. Five days later I called the office and they told me that it would not be done until at least two days later. I was kind of mad that they gave me a guarantee, knowing that it was a lie because the repairman was out. The gate does not work and I don't think it worked at all last year either. Even with the gate, there is an opening in the fence and a staircase going right down to the street, so it is not hard at all for anyone to get in. And visitor parking is ridiculous. There are plenty of spots near the back where I live, and yet they make visitors park in the grass which just makes the whole place look trashy. I would definitely not recommend the Woodlands to anyone in the future, however, I lived at University Village last year and would definitely recommend them. UV might not look as nice as the Woodlands, but they are friendlier, cleaner, and actually care about their residents. They are constantly throwing functions for residents, and are very quick about any problems. Also, water and internet are included at UV, and there are ethernet connections in every bedroom. At the Woodlands the cable is split to five televisions and the wireless router and so the signal is basically crap by then. And they are only a little bit farther than the Woodlands, and still close to Ingles and the cheaper gas stations.

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